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Have a Question? 800-322-3669

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September 9th, 2020

We have reopened our team store to some teams, and are working on getting all teams back up by then end of September. Custom parkas are available to order, and we will be getting suits back up next. please be aware that we have discontinued some items. 



July 7th, 2020

We are temporarily closed for custom orders, only stock items will be sold. We should be up and running in August 2020. 

As of May 28th, 2020

Due to Covid-19 regulations we have temporally stopped online orders, only stock items will be sold. Currently we are focusing on completing all outstanding orders. All orders before May 29th 2020 are being processed for completion. For more information about this matter please feel free to contact Gary Westwell 714-924-5569. We thank you for your understanding and hope for all of this to be over soon.



Reopening May 26th

We are reopening on May 26th, 2020. We will be back in production finishing orders that have been on hold since March and getting them out to you as soon as possible. We will still not allow pick ups for the time being, but if you have an order that you chose pick up on before COVID-19 restrictions we will be doing curbside pick up. Once your order is ready for pick up please call and schedule when you will pick up your order and we will bring it out to you curbside. (714)895-2444

Thank you



We have decided to temporarily close our warehouse from production, though you can still order online all orders that are placed will be delayed because of the current situation. Being a US based manufacturer, our first concern is the safety of our customers, staff and their families. This is a serious pandemic with serious consequences. Thank you for your cooperation.

We will be sure to keep customers informed of any updates.



Beginning Tuesday March 17, all pick-ups will be suspended.

We will only be shipping orders out there will be no pickups for the time being because of the current situation keeping it safe for our customers and staff with as little of contact as we can.  

We will be sure to keep customers informed of any updates.



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