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The information you provide on these forms is held strictly confidential and is not shared. Your email address and phone number are used solely to contact you should a difficultly arise in producing or billing your order. Your email address is also used to notify you when your order ships and will include information such as tracking number, number of packages, weights and other transportation information regarding your shipment.

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* UPS requires adequate address information in order to reasonably make a delivery. An example is if the shipment is going to a multi-story building and you have not provided the floor number. If possible, the driver will make a good faith attempt to ascertain the necessary information to make the delivery. If your driver is successful, you will be charged for the extraordinary service required to successfully deliver your shipment despite inadequate information. If unsucessfull, your shipment will be returned to its origin. truWest recommends double checking your address information. Common ommisions which UPS charges address corrections are; room numbers, suite numbers, apartment numbers, building numbers, floor numbers, street, lane, and drive descriptions, etc. It is the customers responsibility to provide truWest adequate address information for UPS to make a reasonable atempt at delivery. If UPS charges truWest for any address corrections, truWest will pass that charge onto the customer by billing the address change charge onto the same credit card used for the original purchase. UPS currently charges $5.00 for an address correction. If you have any questions about the adequate address information required by UPS, or any other shipping questions you can call UPS toll free at 1.800.PICK.UPS (742.5877) or go to their web site at UPS.COM  UPS